Welcome To Providence Resources

Our Approach


Ethics and respect in business is integral to Providence. We work in an ethical and respectful manner in all the countries and regions where we are present. We strive for excellence in our corporate governance, our operating processes, the quality of our projects and our relationships with partners and associates. We promote sustainable action throughout our supply chain. We adopt global sustainability standards and practices, while respecting the sovereignty of each country and local legislation.

We also assure transparency in the company’s policies, procedures, practices and performance in terms of social, environmental, economic and governance aspects as we work with partners and associates globally.

Our People

Our employees are our most important asset. Protecting, promoting and enhancing the health and wellbeing of our workers is as vital as protecting their safety.

We're committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees where their rights and dignity are respected. Our Safety vision is that together we will create an injury and illness-free workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy each day of their working life.

Safety is not about numbers - it's about people. The policies, standards, programmes and targets we set are important; while they have moved our performance forward in recent years, they alone will not deliver our safety vision. We are progressing on our journey toward a zero harm culture where everyone knows that they make a difference and where all employees and contractors have the knowledge, competence and desire to work safely.

We do this by identifying, and managing, the key health risks to which they are exposed. This includes minimising occurrences of occupational illness, supporting our people in leading healthy lifestyles and in their fitness for work, and helping them to remain healthy as they travel and work at our more remote sites.

Society & Communities

Good community relations are as necessary for our business success as the effective management of our operations. This belief is at the heart of our overall approach to communities work and is why we build good quality relationships with the people in the areas where we operate.

We interact with many diverse communities around the world and we recognize the importance of involving local communities in decisions that affect them. In short, listening to the needs and concerns of local people helps us to run a more successful business.

Mining creates many benefits for the regions where it is present, such as new jobs, higher salary payments and family income, and greater tax revenue. Our key challenge is to identify opportunities and leave a positive, sustainable contribution in the regions where we operate.

We seek to understand the social, environmental and economic implications of our activities so we can optimize benefits and reduce negative impacts for local communities. We accept that we cannot meet everybody's concerns and expectations, but wherever we operate we seek to do so with broad-based community support.

We set out to build enduring relationships with our neighbors that demonstrate mutual respect, active partnership, and long-term commitment. In the long run, the trust that is engendered by these solid relationships will reinforce our ability to gain preferential access to resources.