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Community and Environment

Mining creates many benefits for the regions where it is present, such as new jobs, higher salary payments and family income, and greater tax revenue. Our key challenge is to identify opportunities and leave a positive, sustainable contribution in the regions where we operate.

We always believe because of our inbuilt ethics and values in Good community relations i.e., we build good relationship with all the people in the area wherever we have operated and also we respect everyone’s culture and also this helped us in our business success as the effective management of our operations.

We set out to build enduring relationships with our neighbors that demonstrate mutual respect, active partnership, and long‐term commitment. In the long run, the trust that is engendered by these solid relationships will reinforce our ability to gain preferential access to resources.

We have already interacted with many diverse communities around the world and we have always recognized the importance of involving local communities in decisions that may affect them. In short, listening to the needs and concerns of local people helps us to run a more successful business.

We seek to understand the social, environmental and economic implications of our activities so we can optimize benefits and reduce negative impacts for local communities. We accept that we cannot meet everybody's concerns and expectations, but wherever we operate we seek to do so with broad‐based community support.


We recognize the importance of biodiversity and consider it to be an intrinsic theme for our business and as a commitment to protecting the environment is fundamental to our business strategy.

Our actions to integrate biodiversity with operational activities are focused on understanding the areas where we operate and evaluating, preventing, controlling or minimizing the negative impacts and risks of operations for ecosystems and elements that make up local biodiversity. Respect for the environment is central to our approach to sustainable development. Wherever possible we prevent, or otherwise minimize, mitigate and remediate, harmful effects of our operations on the environment. We have developed a number of practical programmes for environmental management, which include input from our local communities, as well as from experts in these fields.

Anti Pollution Measures

We invest in the enhancement of pollution control systems and in operational and technological practices to minimize atmospheric emissions.

Our modern monitoring systems ensure the effectiveness of our measures and help to maintain air quality levels in our areas of influence.

The Air We Breathe

We understand that our operations release gases and particulates into the atmosphere that may have an effect on people and the environment. These emissions are the result of burning fossil fuels, moving ores and wastes, and smelting metals.

We constantly review our emissions, look for ways to improve our performance and apply controls to minimize related health or environmental impacts. We also monitor particulate gas and vapour exposure in the workplace, in line with our occupational health standards.

Water resources

Access to water is critical for our operations.

We use water at every stage of our business: for exploration, mining, processing, smelting, refining, rehabilitation and drinking.

We optimize our water use by encouraging reuse, reducing demand, improving the efficiency of processes and minimizing the generation of effluents.

Management of chemical products

We follow procedures to identify, minimize and eliminate hazards in handling the different chemical products used in our operations.

Each of our operational units has its own Emergency Response Plan, with duly qualified and trained personnel, as well as appropriate resources and materials for minimizing losses and harm to people and the environment.

Principal Resources

Our portfolio comprises six principal resource categories – Coal, Iron Ore, Copper, Gold, Manganese & Lithium- plus one support group: Exploration Team.

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Latest Events

Providence Lithium Resource AB, Sweden (PLRAB) is presently working on its own Lithium Project.

Kaveri Minerals Ltd, Zambia (KML) is presently working on its own Manganese Project.

PLRAB and KML are subsidiaries of PNRL. All Overseas activities of PNRL are accomplished through Providence Overseas Singapore PTE Ltd. (Providence).

Headquartered in India’s financial capital Mumbai, PNRL has established itself as a Global Organization under the Leadership of Mr. D. R. Bhandari (Chairman, Providence Group).