Welcome To Providence Resources

Business & Sustainability

Providence believes in working with an ethical and respectful manner in all countries. We strive for excellence in our corporate governance, operating processes, quality of our projects and our relationships with partners as well as associates. We promote sustainable action throughout our supply chain.

Sustainable development is a key priority at Providence and critical to our success. We are committed to operating sustainability, it is our first value. Operating sustainably means acting with social, economic and environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the lifecycle of our activities globally. Also, we are continuously maintaining the international policy, performance, compliance of standards and ensure adaptation and respect for local culture, legislation and circumstances.

Even though sustainable mining is both complex and challenging to get right, our approach has been to create a robust framework for integrating sustainability into our business strategy.

Our approach to sustainability risk management is integrated with a broader enterprise risk management process. Our sustainable development strategy and planning process is fully integrated, from site/project level to group level, with our operational and business strategy and planning process.

We aim to deliver to our Partners and Associates the long term partnerships which bring benefits for both parties with highest possible returns. We ensure greater security of supply and add the highest value to our offerings, we also contribute to the socioeconomic development of the communities, regions and countries in which we operate.